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How to do a Successful Article Writing

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Recently we all know that Google has introduced a  new algorithm. This has affected many sites on the internet.  Google is trying to provide its customers with good search results. So they are removing unwanted and low-quality content from its search results. Google is mainly looking for SPAM content filled websites. The new Google update reduce rankings for low-quality sites. So only the good and quality content websites will go up and others will go down forever.

You need to be very careful while you enter into article writing. Think about new article writing ideas, so that you can move forward in this Google game. Almost all the article directories and content farms are hit by this Google update. So, if you want to succeed in internet & digital marketing, you must keep up to date with current events and the latest Google’s algorithm.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind when You Write New Articles.

Try to provide Unique Content. You need to submit  an original article to the top article directories.  This will definitely get you better rankings on Google. I think it will take some time for you to come back on track.

Try to provide good quality and informative articles. While you write the article you must go deeper. Provide as much as information related to the subject of the article. After this update, Google will only give higher rankings to High-Quality Articles. So you need to maintain a high quality in terms of subject and outlook. Try to write articles to help your readers and solve their problems. In terms of the new Google update, the article quality is more important than the quantity.

My personal advice is to submit articles of at least 400-word count. If it is 500 to 800 words I am sure its an added advantage. Higher word count articles are seen to have more value in Google’s search results. Do not write too much your readers might not read the whole article sometimes. But you can include a lot of research-rich content, for example, if you are writing on logo designing, then you need to do good research and create a resourceful article for the readers.

You can market your new article through social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Dig, Linked in, Stumble Upon, Technocratic, etc. I told you earlier, try to produce good articles. Please make sure your article is informative, creative, fresh, and unique.

Once you go down with this new Google algorithm, it is very hard for you to come back on stage. So, you need to make the right step at the right time. So do not waste time. Try to produce good articles and use them for your article marketing purpose. Google hates spam, so do not spam it. Provide your readers with information that they want to read about and that will benefit them as well as you. Surely, they will come back again to find your new articles. In this way, Google will start valuing your effort and rank your articles in a better way. Try to come up with good and unique articles and be a winner in Google search results.

Write a high-quality content-rich article on any informative subject. Keep in mind, only a good article can rank high in the search engines.

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