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How to Satisfy Your Creative Clients?

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Client relationship is very much important for any business. Here I would like to share a few simple tips on the same.

During Your Conversations With the Client:

If you speak with your clients through email. Unfortunately, it is tough to convey your personality or emotions through email. But we can add a smiley to our email when we reply to the client emails. Potential clients who email you often feel at ease with you after only a few email communication and followups. The more comfortable you can make your clients feel then more likely they will give you more projects. Treat them with more care and respect. Hence the client is going to be the base of any business.

Delivery Projects Early Every Time:

Try to promise your clients a delivery date of one week from the scheduled date. Then you try to deliver your creative design or development task one or two days ahead of time. For sure clients will appreciate the fast services they receive and it will create a good trusted relationship between you and your clients. Please try to finish the task within the given time frame. If you deliver early you will become a real star and your client will be a happy person!

Communicate Well with Your Clients:

Good communication skills are important. Always be cool and listen to your clients. Clearly tell them your thought and valuable suggestions. If you are doing some online freelancing project, then try to communicate with voice chat, (you can use google talk, skype, yahoo, msn) it will give you and your client more flexibility.

If you are using an email conversation try to talk about things properly without missing any of your thoughts and ideas. If your client asked any clarification further please deal with that properly. Answer every single question by clients at your meetings. Check your emails periodically and always respond to client emails. Live chat is also good for communication but better I personally prefer an audio call.

Try to Show a Few Quality Creative Mockups:

Always give options for your clients to choose, for example, if you are making a website home page or a logo design for a hospital, do not send only one design try to do a few more design samples and send it to the client, it will give a deep impact I am sure your client will be happy and he or she can choose any of the ones. If you are more flexible you will get more projects. When you make creative mockups make sure all designs or projects will be in the same high quality. In my words quality, quantity and speed are the base of any work.

Keep Your Client Informed:

Always get in touch with your clients. Keep up a good relationship with your clients. Keep up proper timing, always follow your deadlines. Finish the task with good quality. Inform your client about your work delay if you have any other problems etc. Always be friendly with your clients, do not deal with them as your boss because of no boss here for freelancers. Talk directly about your payment matters and work-related matters. Try to avoid future confusion.

Always Thank the Client:

Be friendly with your client. Keep up a good relationship with your client and if you can be a little bit flexible it will be good too. Finish your task in the time limit and send the files properly. When you receive the final payment make sure you thank the client for choosing you and your service. You can do this by e-mail or try to send a thank you card that will be a good one too. Try to keep good clients in your pocket, its good for your future journey.

Hope this article helped you to know more about how to deal with your clients in a better way, good luck.

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