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Logo Design Trends 2020

923 Views | Useful Article By Frinley | Last updated: September 5, 2020

The logo design industry is changing day by day at a lightning-fast speed. When we create new logo designs we need to attract customers in an effective way. Today I am going to share a few interesting thoughts on upcoming logo designing trends. Hope it may help a lot of budding designers and entrepreneurs. In the coming year, we can see a lot of changes in logo designing. Designers are going to use more bright colors, gradients in logo designing. We must create a clean and minimalist logos for upcoming years.

Are you following the logo design trends 2020? It’s not too late to catch up! Here are a few interesting logo design trends that will rule in 2020

  1. Bright colors for logo designs
  2. Gradients and color transitions for logo designs
  3. Minimalism is the key of upcoming logo designs
  4. Line-based logo designs
  5. Simple shaped logo designs
  6. Letter stacking in logo designing
  7. Slices in logo designing
  8. cleverly using negative space in logo designing
  9. Overlapping elements in logo designing
  10. Experimental techniques in typography
  11. Fun cartoon and funky style logos
  12. Grid-based logo designs
  13. Monograms in logo designing
  14. More use of violet color in logo designing
  15. Animated gif logos for websites
  16. Responsive logos
  17. A fade effect in logo designing
  18. Social Media Optimized logo design

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